José Antonio Szabó works since 1998 as a Cameraman and DOP. In 1993 he graduated as a Filmmaker at the Scuola di Cinema e TV Maldoror in Rome, Italy. After finishing, he went back to Chile to study Cinema/DoP at the Escuela de Cine de Chile from where he graduated in 1998. in 2004 he moved to Germany and spent one year as a guest student at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, in Germany.

Mr. Szabó has worked as a cameraman and DOP for several advertising, videoclip, film and documentary productions in Chile and abroad such as "Loco Por Tí" for Ross Films and Sony Pictures Entertainment, "Patiperros" and "Mtv Latinamerica" for Ross Films, "Autopsia" and "Mea Culpa" for Geo Producciones, "Mira Tú" for Aplaplac Producciones, and several video clips in Mexico City for Quetzacoatl Producciones; some of which have been award-winning in several TV and film festivals such as APES-Prize for "Patiperros", First prize in Tour Film Festival in Karlovy Vari for "Czech Republic - Sensations" for THEION Media Productions, and APES special Mention as best cultural contribution, as well as first prize in Festival Arica Nativa in Chile for best cultural portrait with his documentary film "Aquí nací, aquí morí", project in which he also participated as director and producer.



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