Concept „ I D  “

C l i e n t : D A F

F o r m a t : H D

Spot Commercial „ S U N R I S E“

C l i e n t : CONCHA Y TORO

F o r m a t : HD

Alvaro Chacón studied Audiovisual Sciences focused on Film and TV at DUOC Institute in Santiago de Chile and graduated in 2001. After studying, Mr. Chacón has taken part in several advertising campaigns in Chile working as a cameraman and DOP in more than 20 projects for production companies such as Lowe Porta, Fármaco, Cinecien, Daf, Cinemágica, PuertoCine, My Friend, 4k, Arizona, and Nature Films among others for clients such as Toyota,  Telefónica, Falabella, Nestlé, Cerveza Cristal –CCU, VTR, Concha y Toro and Vina Maipo. He has also worked as Dop as well as cameraman in videoclips for several Chilean artists like Kenk, Paula Barouh, Seo2 and Carolina Bezamat.

In 1999 he received the prize for best Photography for the film “La inauguración de la Tormenta” from director Evelyn Schwarz at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Cortometraje de Santiago, and in 2005 he won the competition to shoot the spot for the Valdivia International Film Festival. His experience in television was as DOP for the TV-Show “Escuchando el Cine”  forecasted by Canal 13 de Televisión in Santiago de Chile.

Mr. Chacón has also gathered teaching experience as DOP, lightning and camera teacher for Duoc Institute in Santiago de Chile.



D o P   Reel

Spot Commercial „ R e d  F “

C l i e n t : F A L A B E L L A

F o r m a t : 35 MM

Spot Commercial „P r o c e s i o n“

C l i e n t : V I N A  M A I P O

F o r m a t : H D

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